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On the top floor of a classic building, we wanted to create an apartment where the relationship between space and quality of life was such that it was the perfect fit for its occupant.

Starting with a bare attic space and after resolving issues with the network and bringing things in, we sought to optimise the space so as to create rooms which were truly liveable despite the reduced space.

We wanted, with 28m² of floor space and an area of 22m², to put in an attractive and practical kitchen with all modern equipment such as a washing machine, dishwasher, oven, double sink, microwave, fridge-freezer and work surface, as well as a bathroom with storage space, a 100×100 Italian shower, toilet and a double living room with a corner desk and a 160cm sleeping area with wardrobe.

The challenge was to arrange the under-roof areas as efficiently as possible in order to renovate all of the space. To achieve this goal, the furnishings and the kitchen were made to measure by our cabinetmakers.

Once the structural work had been completed, we painted, laid the tiles and installed the door frames, parquet and bathrooms before moving on to the final phase of the project. The finishing touches and the decorations were then handled by our Tailor Made service, who took care of finalising and delivering the turnkey project. From the curtains to the furnishings, from the quilts to the decoration, from the kitchen utensils to the lamps, everything has its role to play in making you feel at home.

It was with great pleasure that we handed the keys to the first owner.

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