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Born from a shared passion for the love of stonework and the desire to innovate, the Lady Lane group has been driven forwards by its founders, Mrs Stephanie Zavattin and her husband, Mr Bart Zavattin.
Continually adding to their real estate experience since 1996, the directors have undertaken 31 real estate projects since 2001 and have sought to consistently and continually improve the quality of their renovations.
The materials used in renovation and construction projects are carefully chosen following a thorough selection process, and quality materials will always be the company’s first priority. The group undertakes projects involving the acquisition of buildings, land and hotels. The buildings are restored before being retained by the company or resold.
Since 2011, Lady Lane has also been operating abroad and undertakes bespoke projects based on client’s needs as part of its Tailor Made service.
Lady Lane can improve your living space, make the most of every last drop of construction potential and harmonise, decorate and furnish your interior spaces.
We handle the entire project, from the conceptualisation stage right through to completion.

[ivan_list style="circle" template="clean-color" c_id=".vc_1481236326688"]
  • « Le 5 passage du Genie » 75012 Paris
  • « Le 88/90 rue des Maraichers » 75011 Paris
  • « Le 28 rue de la Py » 75020 Paris
  • « Le 103 rue Alexandre Dumas » 75020 Paris
  • « Le 6 rue Lechapelais » 75017 Paris
  • « Le 3 rue André Joineau » Le Pré St Gervais
  • « Le 23 rue de Mayenne » Créteil
  • « Le 50 rue Anatole France » Le Kremlin Bicetre
  • « Le 2 rue Waldeck Rousseau » Vitry Sur seine
[ivan_list style="circle" template="clean-color" c_id=".vc_1481236352521"]
  • « Le 110 avenue Jean Jaurès » Villejuif
  • « Le 11 rue de Torcy » 75018 Paris
  • « Le 34 rue de Paris » Boissy-Saint-Leger
  • « Le 89 rue Mirabeau » Ivry sur seine
  • « L’hotel Gh Airplus » Orly
  • « le 21 rue de la convention » Le Kremlin Bicêtre
  • « Le 64 rue Charles Fourié » Vitry Sur Seine
  • « Le 5 rue du Général Leclercq » Le Kremlin Bicêtre

That is to name but a few, and we always look to use the experience we have amassed over the course of these past projects in our latest ones.